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Analysis of Ore Milling Equipment Failure in Working Hours

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“When the Ore Milling Equipment is working, it just stops running without reason, and I have to cut off the power at once in order to prevent the motor from being burned out.” Said a crusher operator of an ore beneficiation plant. He said that if you have no idea of the temper of the crusher, the crusher will often stop working with no reason. For this reason, when the crusher is crushing materials, it is important to pay attention to the uniformity of the feeding materials, and also to the harness of the materials. If the materials are too hard, an additional procedure may be added.
Then what are the factors that influence the working process of the Ore Milling Equipment? Generally speaking, the main factors influencing the work of the jaw crusher are the nip angle and the revolution number. Nip angle is the intersection angle between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw. According to the calculation, the biggest nip angle can reach 32°. However, in the actual use, it is often small than 25°, and generally between 18°and 20°. If the nip angle is too big, the rocks in the crushing chamber will be squeezed out and damage the workers or other equipment, and at the same time, the production efficiency will decrease with the increase of the nip angle or the crushing ratio.
To adjust the size of the rock discharging mouth is to change the size of the nip angle. In the daily practice, the Ore Milling Equipment manufacturing company often adjusts the rock discharging mouth according to the requirement of the granularity of the discharged products. For this reason, on the condition of guaranteeing the product granularity, it is reasonable to maximize the rock discharging mouth. The size of the rock discharging mouth can be adjusted through the adjusting wedge. In addition, when the worker adjusts the size of the discharging mouth, he should pay attention to the mutual relationship of the crushing ratio and the production efficiency.

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