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Factors That Affect Grain Diameter of Ore Milling Equipment

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Through theoretical analysis and measurement for internal pressure of ore milling equipment influencing grain diameter, we get known that the effect of pressure on grading size is small, that is, we can ignore the effect of pressure on grading size in high-speed rotating turbulent flow field. Effect of concentration on the classification accuracy is obvious in the initial stage; stable concentration is helpful for the accuracy of classification, so in practical production, we should keep feeding concentrations even and avoid large fluctuations
Conglomeration of powdery materials makes disjoint curve appear clear hook effect, which has been proved from calibration curve, and the effect of speed and air flow on separation function. Therefore, in classification process of ultra-fine powder, we should take full account of dispersion effect, for example, setting pre-dispersion device
The influence of vortex on separation curve can be proved by calibration curve which is gotten by experimental data; compared with ideal curve, actual separation curve does not start from zero, but higher than zero, the part higher than zero indicates the effect of vortex on separation curve of vortex in ore milling equipment
In the classification process of ore milling equipment, high speed flows form sharp turbulence, which causes fierce collision between particles, particle and wall or blades, and appear crushing effect; this phenomenon has been proved by theoretical and experimental analyses; we should take the influence into account in analysis of classification parameters and efficiency.

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