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Though they are reluctant to get rid of these formerly

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Furthermore, depending on the measureMaple story M Mesos, you can't even help your friends who desperately want some free potions to start with the game because most of transactions involved with low-level players at Black Market are obstructed and canceled. The changes were supposed to sabotage the Meso' trades, today ironically, is damaging the gameplay of players who have nothing to do with all the"offenses"

The real insanity component of the restriction is: it literally cuts loose any legitimate trades between non profit players on Black Market. So a level 20 player will no more have the ability to acquire orange potions at Black Market whatsoever - the worst part isa level 20 player can't afford to purchase those low-level gears and supplies from anyplace else as other places overprice all products. How about raising money by selling something different to buy one from these place? Do remember you are excluded from the trades in Black Market because your own level. It is a really vicious circle which has nothing to do with striking down Meso sellers but forcing legitimate low-level gamers right into a corner.

When it comes to the third restriction, for non profit beginners and alts builders, the effect was definitely more than Nexon could think of, where it will become negligible for Meso seller and bots. Alta builders, who must have been suffered all the persistent and protracted episodes, cutscenes for the first time and got really sick of these for your second or third run. So playing with instruments and fishing is really a wonderful help to level up all alts faster without the feelings of boredom. However, considering all the EXP slashed in these actions today, leveling up any alt seems going into a dead end, as well as fostering a new account.

And just how big did this policy affect the Meso sellers and bots? None! Though they are reluctant to get rid of these formerly welcomed methods of leveling up, they will figure out something and adopt other possible ways to get it done - Don't forget bots serve to achieve missions mechanically. It is quite innocent and smug for Nexon to wash out Meso RMT which is already firmly rooted in the match's system by restraining the Meso vendors' account overallMaplestory 2 Mesos buy. As somebody prophesied before,"Any brutal suppression will be shattered back together with severer revolts," it is pretty clear that Nexon's latest restrictions will end in a doomed expansion and visible loopholes for strangling Meso sellers.

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