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The players who are to dungeons

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Together with Flame Bird invoked, the defeated monsters now contain Flame Bird's Determination. Buy MS2 MesosTwilight Defense - this mission involves 2 to 4 personalities joining forces to conquer enemies using cannons and shielding the walls of this castle. Fight Sea - players must defeat enemies within before time runs out with boats and crew.Interview: the future of MapleStory 2 is Constructed by its players

The first MapleStory swept, especially in Asia, for several years and with no aging. The sequel, MapleStory two, first arrived in South Korea in 2015, but before last month it wasn't published in the West. That being the situation, we got in touch with Miyoung Oh, the main designer of Nexon Korea, to know more about the game, its launch and the way that lies ahead.

MapleStory 2 is an entirely new sport in the MapleStory franchise, completely in 3D, also offers a unique experience that may be enjoyed by both pro MMORPG players and people who play sometimes. As in the first, MapleStory 2 boasts a rich variety of content: from epic quests and submerging difficult dungeons to raids for gamers looking for a larger challenge. In addition, it's completely new characteristics that occasional gamers will appreciate: they can customize and design their own outfits, build their dream home, improve their skill with musical instruments, play entertaining minigames, plus much more! Regardless of how you play, MapleStory 2 covers everything together with your ardent Maplers community.

We have received very positive comments since we took it out. Beginning with our launching, quite stable to be an MMORPG, many gamers have praised the various aspects of personalization and casual pursuits. What sets MapleStory 2 apart from other MMORPGs is the authentic variety of activities they could appreciate in the exact same game.

The players who are to dungeons and raids have had fun with the mini-games, exploring the planet and publishing creative designs in the community. One of the best feedback we received was regarding the place of our staff on not having"pay to win" items in the worldwide version. As part of our effort to supply the very best experience, we've eliminated any traces of pay-to-win content from the game Maplestory 2 Mesos. The gamers loved the change, which we think is essential for long-term achievement. Ever since that time, we have also been communicating frequently with our gamers to offer transparency and introduce more features and enhancements based on direct feedback.

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